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  • Do you know what type of science and analytical procedures are being used in your drug cases?

    In cases where drugs are being analyzed usually the labs will narrow the search using presumptive testing techniques. If a sample tests above the cutoff level the lab will then move on to confirmatory testing for the drugs that tested positive in the presumptive test. Presumptive testing can give false positives, confirmatory testing is a MUST. This is done either for solid drug analysis or analysis of drugs in testing of biological fluids such as blood or urine. The scientific methods used for confirmatory testing is gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.

  • Do you know what type of science and analytical procedures are being used in your drug cases?

    This blood vial is a real sample in a case AnneMarie litigated. After personally inspecting the vial in evidence AnneMarie had several questions and needed to further investigate the sample’s reliability. There are many ways to investigate these samples. AnneMarie will do that for you and assist you throughout the process. AnneMarie’s services will ensure that the sample collection, preservation and storage was done properly. The integrity of the sample is very important to its scientific reliability. There are many possibilities for what is happening in this vial and can provide for a lot of attacks on the reliability.

  • What does your blood sample look like? Do you know what this could be in the vial and why? How does this happen?

    This is a gas chromatograph. Gas chromatography is a separation science. It works by separating complex samples into pure compounds. While this instrument is very powerful and can provide a lot of information it is subject to human error. AnneMarie will review the chromatograms generated by this analytical instrument along with the work of the analyst to ensure the results are interpreted correctly.