With an abundance of training and education AnneMarie Rizzo will help you get the best possible result using the application of science in your case and can be involved through each stage of the process. AnneMarie will also help you share this knowledge with the court or a jury to better assist you and your client.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Science for Lawyers To Help You:

  • Authority:

    Doesn’t just read the books, she write the books. AnneMarie has co- authored 3 books on DUI’s.

  • Experience:

    AnneMarie Rizzo previously practiced as state prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. This invaluable experience gives her a deep knowledge and level of familiarity with the court system. AnneMarie also teaches and shares her knowledge with other lawyers and professionals on a local, state, and national level.

  • Media:

    AnneMarie has been featured on multiple news media stations due to her advocacy for her clients such as the local ABC, CBS, and Fox News affiliates. She was also on CNN when she handled a bond hearing for a high profile case. The herald tribune has featured AnneMarie on multiple occasions about her cases because of her unique legal arguments and about cases she has

  • Education:

    AnneMarie has spent hundreds of hours dedicating her time to learn the ins and out of forensic science, forensic toxicology, pharmacology and analytical chemistry. AnneMarie has the formal education and hands on lab work in these disciplines. She has extensive training in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and toxicology.

  • Associations:

    AnneMarie is President of Sarasota’s Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, serves as a board member for the Statewide Florida Associate of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Chemical Society, National College of DUI Defense, DUI Defense Lawyers Association, Florida Association of Woman Lawyers, American Bar Association, Florida Bar to name a few.

  • Recognition:

    Attorney AnneMarie Rizzo has been awarded and recognized as a top attorney in her field. She has been rated 2015 Avvo Client Choice Award. She was rated the National Trial Lawyers' Top 100 Trial Lawyers. AnneMarie has successfully completed the Advanced DUI School hosted by the Florida Prosecutor Attorney Association. She also has successfully completed the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Course sponsored by the Institute of Police Technology and Management, a course designed to train law enforcement to effectively identify impairment in individuals suspected to be driving under the influence. (A field sobriety exercise regularly used on the roads today) AnneMarie also attended and successfully completed the Trial Advocacy School at the National Advocacy Center held at the United States Department of Justice in South Carolina. AnneMarie also has attended and was awarded certificate of successful completion for intense studies at the National College of DUI Defense at Harvard University. Furthermore, AnneMarie was awarded multiple certificates of completion for her studies at Axion Labs as it relates to Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry as well as being awarded certificates of completion for Mastering Scientific Evidence Seminars.

“Many know that there are two sides to every story but
this time let science be the objective story to tell."